Wednesday, December 25

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Blue Breeze, 15:30


We had a terrible night. Irma could not sleep because the fan didn’t work and the air conditioning only went full blast or not at all. I could not sleep because Irma could not sleep, and was not especially quiet about it.

In the morning she took a tuktuk to Divine Supermarket which was closed because the owners are Christian and it is Christmas Day. Fortunately there was a shop nearby where the owners were Hindi, and so we got our daily milk.

Anib arranged for an electrician to look at the electricity supply. I decided to stay and wait for him while the rest went down to the beach to use the internet and post some cards.

We also had problems with the water this morning. Both tanks were completely empty. I fixed this however, with telephone instructions from Anib, and I am now on the roof checking that they are all okay.

I can see some of the coconuts hanging over our garden.

The electrician will arrive at about 15:45 on a scooter with an assistant. They will charge around checking, and announce that the backup system is not working. In two minutes they will bypass it and everything will work properly again.

When they leave I will have to wander around switching lights and fans off, thus identifying which switches perform which actions. I will also have the time to work out how the remote for the air conditioning works, and by the time the girls around it will be operating quietly and at a lower temperature.