Tuesday, December 31

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Leo Restaurant, 23:45


The three women spent the day in Trivandrum shopping, while I stayed at home writing. I got a lot done, and by the time they came home I was happy that the dissertation was finally going to be finished. I have a narrative, complete with ending, and the gaps and holes are getting smaller by the day. I felt very happy with the progress.

Irma had bought me a linen shirt which I put on, along with some linen slacks which we agreed I should leave at home.

At 20:00 we were at Leo and by 20:20 we were joined by Andy, Eileen and Hari. We ordered, and I had a fresh swordfish steak. For some reason the food was very underwhelming. I was not sure if this was caused by the restaurant being at least half empty or by the food itself. I remember being in the Planet Hollywood in Helsinki a few weeks before it closed down. We were the only people there and I realised that without crowds, queues and shouting it was just an overpriced hamburger bar with less than mediocre burgers.

My fish was perfectly pleasant but unspiced and unseasoned. The secret house wine, however, was much better than we expected.

Now it is nearly new year. Fireworks have begun and there is a short break in the endless promenade. Eileen, Hari and Andy are outside looking. Naa is sitting with Anu.

Soon we will walk home for wine and more fun at home.