Friday, January 3

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Near the Pond, 17:00


We got up late and did some laundry. Then we put our swimming costumes on and walked down to the Hill and Sea View, the hotel where Andy and Eileen are staying. They had invited us round for a swim in the hotel pool.

We spent the whole afternoon there, drinking, reading and talking. Everyone got in the pool at some point.

Now we are walking home and we are looking at a large lizard that is motionless in the middle of the road. While we are looking at it several motorbikes pass by, barely missing it. Eventually an Indian woman appears from a house with a stick, encourages the lizard onto it and moves it to the side of the road.

We will have pasta, sausages and salad for dinner. Everyone will have caught the sun, despite liberal doses of sunscreen, and we will all go to bed early.