Sunday, January 5

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By the Surf Club, 14:30


Irma had a restless night. She suggested that I didn’t get up early this morning and so I didn’t. Her tossing and turning forced me up eventually though and, without writing anything, I read through what I had written, and also through some of the previous drafts. I was shocked by how much the thesis has changed over the period I have been writing it: not in its argument but in the presentation of the ideas.

I was happy that it seemed to be getting closer to whatever is bouncing around in my head though.

At 12:10 Naa and I left for the beach. We are passing the Surf Club and I notice an old Indian motorcycle. In a few minutes I will be sitting at Leo drinking a lemon soda while Naa has her neck and shoulders massaged. In thirty minutes I will be having a yogic stretch massage.

In the late afternoon the girls will return to the beach with the frisbee and Irma and I will wander down. Eventually, after more lemon soda, Naa will go off with Anu, Auo and Irma will walk to the rickshaws and I will walk home.

Their very stoned driver will overtake me while giggling loudly just a few hundred metres before the house.