Sunday, February 2

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Vartiokyläntie, 16:30


This morning we checked Luke’s design for the funeral programme. It was perfect, and we were both really, really glad that he had decided to do it. Not only has he grown into a much better designer than me, but the fact that he has chosen to involve himself, and has done it so well, means a lot to us.

At 14:00 the three of us left to drop Naa off at Sampo’s house, where they will spend the afternoon practising their dance routine. After that we went to print the programme, which Luke had given us as a paginated pdf file. The process was slow and sad, but the programme looked as good as we had hoped, if not better.

Now we are home and I have gone for a short walk before it gets dark. I am walking past Alepa which closed down at midday today. Looking through the window it is clear that their closing down sale actually got rid of all their stock. The shop is going to be renovated and will reopen in ten days time. I remember this happening three or four years ago, and when it reopened it looked exactly the same as it did before it closed. I will wait with very mild interest to see what will happen this time.

Later Tarkku will phone and it will be Irma’s turn to go for a walk. Shortly after she returns Naa will appear, having been driven home by Sampo.