Wednesday, February 5

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A Park, 11:30


I woke up at 7:00 to wake Naa at 8:15. She was already awake. My shoulders and back were aching to the point of pain, and carried on hurting all day. This, I believe, is what doctors call muscular stress.

This morning I finished the job of collecting together all the images from Auo’s Instagram account, which was more complicated than I expected. I then renamed all the images from the random numbers they had been assigned to the dates they were uploaded. After that I went for a long walk.

I am on the way back home, passing a small children’s playground we used to visit a few years ago. It is currently abandoned for winter. I am not sure if this is a metaphor of some kind or not. I suspect not.

In the afternoon we will go shopping for foodstuffs for the memorial, and in the evening we will collect freshly baked pies from Stockmann, and even fresher homemade spring rolls from Tusita. We will deliver everything to Anki, who has very kindly agreed to be in charge of the practical arrangements tomorrow.

We are both extremely grateful for all this help. We just wish there wasn’t an occasion like this that demanded it.