Friday, February 7

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Itäväylä, 11:25


Naa left for school at 7:00 and both of us missed it. We woke up slightly later in distress. Today was the first day in which we had almost nothing to do.

The morning was very misty and it snowed hard for a brief period; big, heavy flakes falling straight down. I went for a walk at 11:00, and now I am heading down the main road towards Plantagen. The weather is foggier and the world is genuinely monochrome, except for the car lights and the occasional sign.

At noon the crisis team will come for another visit and stay for three hours. They will be very helpful, and assist Irma in getting some mood enhancing medication from her less than stellar work doctor. Afterwards she will return Tusita’s boxes, because Irma finds driving helps her in a similar way that walking helps me. Boxes returned, we will drive to the chemist to collect the prescription.

I will wait with anticipation to discover what a mood enhanced Irma is actually like.