Wednesday, February 12

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Hameentie, 8:10


Last night I slept from about 22:00 until 6:30, when I woke up gently, lay there for twenty minutes, and got up in time to beat Naa to the toilet. We both left at the time we intended and got the bus we wanted. At Itäkeskus it was free-samples day, and I got several of Arla’s new Protein Yogurt. Lucky me.

Now I am walking to Arcada from the tram. The morning is crisp and

I will spend the day having useful conversations with people, which will result in me feeling up to date by the time I sit down to lunch. I will also have a clear idea of what we need to do for Omtänk (everyhting, basically), and a plan for how to do it. This will begin with a brainstorming session with Liisa next Monday that will end only when we have a clear pitch for a compelling programme with a core idea that makes sense. No early lunch on Monday, then.

I will meet with Tomas, and then talk with Johnny and Jutta about how we will move forward with the plans for the next couple of years; and how we will present this to Nathalie tomorrow. Robert, Jutta and I will try to make sense of the new module structure.

Before leaving for home I will collect my new contract of employment and set Evernote to optimise its database, which will take several hours and may, just may, make the desktop application usable again.

At home there will be ironing waiting to be done, and an iron waiting to be used for just this purpose.