Sunday, February 16

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Vartiokyläntie, 17:50


We had showers and a slow breakfast in the late morning.

At 14:30 Naa and Irma left. Naa was going to meet Samppo in the centre, and Irma was going to an introductory session of EDM therapy. I waited in with the cat, who hid in the cupboard when I brought out the vacuum cleaner.

Now Irma is back and I am out for a brisk walk in the twilight. The streets are covered in footprints and the sudden fall of snow has simply heightened their appearance.

When I get back we will eat one of the hauki that Mikael and Camilla gave us yesterday with creamed potatoes. It will be delicious.

I will empty my bag, which needs washing, and try to put everything into my new bag. Both of these bags are by Samsonite and both were bought in India. The one I bought three years ago is the best bag I have ever had. It has pockets everywhere and seems bigger on the inside than on the outside. The new one is the same size but holds much less.

I would be in despair if this was the kind of thing I despaired about. As it is I am merely mildly disgruntles.