Friday, February 21

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A306, Arcada, 15:25


I spent the morning working with Trello and having Skype conferences about the work I was doing in Trello. I spoke with Jutta and Liisa and then with Jutta again.

In the afternoon I talked with Heidi about repurposing the now-unwanted game for Omtänk, and then read an outline for a thesis for the Media Management Masters degree.

Now I am looking around the empty room. Those who are here are next door watching Finland lose to Sweden in the Olympics hockey tournament. I can follow the progress of the Finnish team quite easily by listening to the collective groaning.

Irma will collect me at 16:30 and we will go to Prisma where the woman in front of us will somehow manage to crash the computer at the checkout with her credit card. After repacking our trolley we will find another checkout where the man in front of us will have problems with his credit card.

Eventually we will manage to leave with our groceries and the weekend will begin.