Saturday, February 22

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A path, 13:30


Irma woke up sad and despondent. I went for a walk. We had a late breakfast.

In the afternoon Sampo came round and he and Naa watched the ice hockey. I went for a second walk. Everywhere is completely deserted because all known Finns are indoors watching television and willing the players on. Alternatively I go for a walk before the match, or maybe I will go after the match. Whenever history finally records that I wandered the streets we can be certain that they are almost deserted.

I walk more or less randomly and come across a milk carton in the snow. There is nothing special or interesting about this, except for the fact that it is the only blue in sight; and it is a very strong blue.

When I get back, or shortly before I go, Finland will be beating the USA, and they will eventually win 5-0 to get the bronze medal. Teemu Selanne will have scored twice on his last international match before retiring at the age of 43.

Irma will make laatikko with Camilla’s lamb, Sampo will drive home, and we will go to bed early.