Wednesday, March 5

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B306, Arcada, 12:15


I had another full night’s sleep; helped, no doubt, by the two Tiger beers I had with my meal last night. Naa had a late morning today so I breakfasted quickly and alone.

Jutta texted me when I was in the tram to say she was in the gym. When I got to Arcada I looked in to check that she was there. She wasn’t, so I went upstairs and began work. An hour later we realised we had carried out an accidental comedy sketch. She had gone back into the changing room to fetch something at the exact moment I had looked in the gym, and gone back into the gym the exact moment that I left it. Oh how we laughed.

I spent the morning trying to find the problem in a Wordpress installation that one of the students had sent me. Two hours later, and I am none the wiser. Whatever happened during those two hours debugging wasn’t included. The photo gallery still refused to behave properly and I couldn’t manage to trace the fault.

I went for lunch instead, and had creamy potato and ham casserole, which is like a textbook definition of comfort food. While I was eating it I noticed that there is a mini-fair of free food, and that Arla are giving away pots of their new Protein rahka. I know I like this because I scooped up lots of free samples at the metro station last week or the week before.

Now I am back in the office photographing my prizes. I will spend the afternoon looking at the photo gallery issue, and planning tomorrow’s session for Social Gaming. Irma will phone to say she would like to drive over to fetch me. At 16:00 I will go downstairs and get in the car.

I will leave, unsure about how much I actually achieved today (although certain that I am several tubs of creamy protein up on the deal).