Sunday, March 9

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Itäväylä, 11:00


I have gone for a short walk before breakfast to clear my head. I have walked down past Alepa and now I have crossed the main road and I am walking down past Plantagen to the gas station. There I will cross the road again and walk down the little path back to our house. I have stopped to look at the little TV repair shop, as I often do; surprised that it is still there and still open for business.

In the afternoon I will get my bike out and cycle for the first time this year. Yesterday the area by the sea was still frozen and so I will head towards Prisma, using a somewhat circuitous route. On the way back I will notice how windy it is.

Irma will go to for a walk with Christa in Kulosaari, leaving a delicious pasta salad for and Naa and I. We will wat it and then have showers and get ready for tomorrow. Irma will return at suppertime.