Wednesday, March 12

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Hameentie, 13:00


I spent the morning doing more exciting things with XML. I realised that I was going to have to understand what I had done yesterday more thoroughly in order to explain it to the class tomorrow. This proved less easy than I thought, but by the time I stopped to eat I knew more than enough, and had learned a number of other things on the way.

Now I am outside the library at Arabianranta on my way back to Arcada. I have returned a book and a two cds. The book was by Charles Sanders Peirce and the cds were by Beck. The sun is bright and the air is warm. The snow is almost completely melted.

I will spend some of the afternoon reading a thesis by one of Johnny’s students, because I have agreed to be the examiner for it. I will phone Irma to discover later that she was leading a team meeting at work. Finally I will go through the Social Gaming app that is now 40% built, and look at how it will work on the server.

At 16:30 I will leap out of my chair and run for a tram. When I get to the bus terminal I will have twelve minutes to wait for a bus, and so I will decide to walk. Two thirds of the way home Irma will drive by, stop, and pick me up.

The back of the car will be full of wood. I will stack it in the shed before doing the ironing and beginning to plan a project for next year I have been talking to Tomas about.