Friday, March 14

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Hameentie, 8:20


Naa had spent the night in Kamppi and so I got up on my own. Irma was interviewing at 8:00 and so she woke up before I left, for the first time in months. I pointed out the cat to her. For the first time in months it was still asleep long after I have got up. Every other day it has woken early and tried to wake me, in an effort to get outside. Now, presumably exhausted by a long evening’s hunting yesterday, it is curled flat out around the leg of a table.

It felt very nice seeing Irma, however briefly, before leaving the house.

I am walking towards Arcada from the tram, passing a new Fiat 500. I stop because I am always amused by the fashion for Tonka Toy retro-styling.

I will spend the morning finishing off the XML Foundations class, before it switches next period to looking at epub and other applications of xml. Today’s session will be easier than yesterday’s and everyone will keep up and leave happy.

After a lunch of catfish and mash I will read through a draft thesis, try and fail to find the cause of a problem in a big chunk of xml, and answer some mails. I will also spend some time in Zurker, partly out of interest and partly for the project Tomas and I have been discussing.

At 16:00 I will race out of the building to see what the weekend will bring.