Monday, March 24

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Arabiankatu, 10:10


Today is Jutta’s birthday and since she is at work today the room has been ringing with the sound of people congratulating her. I have been writing emails, and planning courses.

I also wrote a comment on a photograph of Auo and Naa that Irma had reposted. To my shock this threw me completely off track and I was unable to return immediately to what I was doing. The library in Arabiankeskus opened at 10:00 and I had requested a cd last last week. For some reason I had been reminded that I had never heard the Old & In The Way album.

I therefore went for a slow reflective walk to the library, to collect the cd and recover; and now, both goals achieved, I am waiting for a tram back to Arcada. The weather is neither hot nor cold, but the snow is all gone.

At 12:15 I will act as the official opponent for a thesis being presented by one of Johnny’s students. The thesis is concerned with a piece of software that claims to enable you to make high-traffic, popular websites by carefully selecting keywords. The student followed the steps, documented everything, and ended up with a website that has 37 visitors in January. I will suggest that he should have made two websites so that he would have had the possibility of comparing some results. He will agree.

After this I will carry on administrating for a while before I download Spun, the Wordpress theme that the cultural production students had envisaged as the starting point for the Omtänk website. For reasons that are too complex and irritating to explain, Jutta and I will now be building the entire ourselves tomorrow, and I will decide that looking ahead might be a good idea.

At home Irma will go for a walk, I will iron some sheets, and the cat will keep on trying to get out of the house to wherever the mice are. Since it is neither fast nor subtle it will fail.