Tuesday, March 25

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Hermanninrantatie, 19:10


I had a very restaless sleep, in which I kept waking up from strange dreams that were too inriguing to be nightmares but nonetheless unsettling. In one I was in the back seat of a motorcoach, but I could climb over the back of the seat onto the platform behind. In front of me was my seat and on my left was the motorcoach parked inside itself where the seats on the left would normally be. This wasn’t an issue in the dream but it kept me awake when I woke up.

In another dream, which recurred twice, Auo’s death was imaginary. It turned out that it was an excuse that Irma and I were making to each other to cover up the fact that we had died and Naa and Auo were still alive. This was something like Philip K Dick’s book Ubik crossed with the end of Lost. It turned out that we were not mourning differently so much as trying different tactics to communicate with other people and persuade them that we were still alive. That kept me awake for a long time twice.

Naa had been at Kamppi so I went to work alone, thinking about the dreams. I spent almost the whole day trying to build the website that somehow didn’t get built by the team that were charged with building it. Jutta and I began by supervising a small student team, with a fallback plan of doing it ourselves after lunch if it looked as though they weren’t getting anywhere.

We had lunch at the Chinese restaurant in Arabianranta, and afterwards we began building it ourselves. By 17:00 I had it 90% finished, and left for a board neeting at Pixelache.

This finished earlier than usual and I am now walking back to Arcada in the dusk. I will try to tidy up some of my rushed code for an hour or so and then go home for a shower and as early a night as I can manage.