Monday, April 7

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A306, Arcada, 10:10


Naa has started a new school routine this week, and so I had breakfast and left on my own. The sky was overcast, but not cold, so I walked to the metro station at Puotila.

Yesterday I was in absolute despair about the way in which Auo was ripped out of our lives. This morning, walking in the bracing chill, I was more sanguine. I am very glad I knew her, glad I was her father and that, in some ways, I still am. I know that there are things I will never do now, and sometimes I am all too keenly aware of what they are; but the trick in these circumstances, I suppose, will be to fill in the void with things I will do now.

At Arcada I worked through a pile of mail and then began to polish the Omtänk website. I have got the prize, created by Alvar Gullichsen of Bonk fame, and I am photographing it. I shall add the image to the website in a few moments. I shall also add it here because, if nothing else, it is an unusual little artefact.

I will spend the rest of the morning working through administration and finally backing up this site, as well as numerous files and folders. I will then spend some time with David trying to get into the booking system in order to get a flight ticket for Odense. In the end we will give up and he will book it for me.

We will not manage to book a hotel though. I will attempt this myself, after lunch, and the transaction will be refused by the Mastercard security verification system. This trip is proving very difficult to deal with.

Later, after writing an email to the bank, I will enter all the Event Producer students into the Omtänk website database so that they can see what is happening there. Just before I leave for home I will make some demonstrations for tomorrow’s XML class.