April 10, 2014

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The garden, 18:30


The day started with Naa and I leaving the house silently. Unusually, Irma leapt out of the bedroom to hug us and say goodbye. Equally unusually, the bus was almost completely full when it arrived.

I spent the morning and some of the afternoon with the Web Analysis and Social Media group looking at gamification. We watched an online lecture by Gabe Zichermann in the morning, and the one I always show by Jane McGonigal in the afternoon.

After this I read a thesis draft and commented on it, sorted out someone’s Wordpress problem, and worked out how one of the Masters students might take the Digital Landscape course on her own over the summer, before she goes home to Korea.

My leg has been hurting all day, and I have been walking like a pirate or an old tramp, depending on your point of view. Personally I have adopted the pirate line. I noticed that it seems to hurt less the more I walk, and more the less I walk. Perhaps if I do a marathon at the weekend it will cure itself.

Now I am at home. For the first time this year it is warm enough for the door into the garden to be left open. The cat is wandering in and out every few minutes as though it is testing the facilities. I have wandered out into the garden and am looking round. The cat has wandered after me and is trying to attract my attention.

In a few minutes I will agree that it is probably ten minutes since it was last fed and lead it back into the house where I will stir the food in its bowl while it watches. When it has been stirred enough it will agree to eat some.

Irma will talk with the Crisis helpline. I will have a shower. We will both go online. We will both go to bed.