Friday, April 11

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Itis, 17:20


Naa stayed the night at Kamppi so I went to work on my own. I spent the morning with the XML group, who were busy developing their plans for an epub book. They are each taking one of the Oz books and using it to design the template for a complete series.

I was on my way home when Irma phoned to ask if I wanted to meet her in Itis. Here I am, walking toward the Stockmann Crazy Days sale. She will not be there. Instead I will find her in the chemists, getting a new supply of sleeping pills.

Oddly, Irma’s doctor never seems to give her sleeping pills, if such things exist; preferring to give her other tablets the side effects of which include sleepiness. When we get home Irma will read the instructions in the box to discover that these tablets are intended for treating schizophrenia, with side effects that, apart from drowsiness, include depression and death. She will spend some time on the phone trying to get a second opinion.

Eventually we will learn that these tablets are quite often used as sleeping tablets in small doses. I will not find this reassuring.