Thursday, April 17

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Arcada, 15:30


Naa went to school today, accompanied by me and her completed piece of writing. On the way she explained about the assignment, which could have been completed in any medium. Noah, in her class, will be performing his as a self-cheorographed dance accompanied by a self-composed soundtrack.

The main part of the day passed in the Social Media / Web Analysis course. The numbers had dropped off, partly because this is the time of year that students do practical projects, and some of them are out filming. We watched We Live In Public, disucssed it in the form of tweets, and then began mapping out a strategy for the main Omtänk project.

After that I spoke with Jani, who was passing through the building, about the Vasa meeting and the emails I had got from Steve and Michael this morning. He was delighted that we had met and both happy and intrigued that Michael and I had decided that our research crossed over. He suggested that I should be a part of the Autumn meeting in South Africa.

Now I am looking out of the window thinking. In the last thirty minutes I emailed Robert, Sanna and Tomas about my Omtänk plans and talked with Kirsten in Jutta’s class about hexaflexagons. I am wondering what I will actually do in Odense next week, and about whether I should back everything up now or over the weekend.

I am also wondering how I can work hexaflexagons into a course next year. I suspect they are a piece of history whose time has come again.