Wednesday, April 23

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Room 223, Cabinn Hotel, Odense, 16:00


This morning began as usual. Naa and I got up, had breakfast quietly, and left the house without disturbing Irma. Today, however, I left Naa at Itäkeskus to get the metro, while I crossed over to wait for the 519 to the airport.

I had checked in yesterday, I only had hand luggage, and security was almost empty so I was through and into the airport in five minutes or less. I looked in all the usual places for a place to work with my laptop plugged in, but all the sockets were already in use.

When Irma and I went to Warsaw recently we had noticed a small bar and cafe up a flight of stairs next to Gate 27. I had noticed it was equipped with sockets for charging and working. Since my flight was due to board from Gate 27 I went up the stairs to explore. To my joy the bar was closed and I was the only person there, and I was able to charge every piece of equipment I had with me, while working on my laptop.

The flight was delayed twenty minutes but we still arrived at Copenhagen ten minutes early. I went straight to the DSB ticket office (and oddly I remembered where it was) and it turned out I could get a train to Odense in ten minutes time. So I did. The train was pleasant if uneventful, but the woman with the buffet trolley only appeared as we were pulling into Odense, so I never got to sample whatever she was selling.

It was pouring with heavy rain when I got out of the station but the hotel was only about 100 metres away, and thanks to Google Street View I knew where it was. I also knew where the local supermarket was and as soon as the rain stopped I ran there to get something to eat and drink. I also got some household supplies since the Cabinn has less facilities in the room than anywhere I have ever seen.

Now I am looking out of the window at the view which consists primarily of an Asian Market. The hotel is well-named. My room reminds me of the type of cabin you get on the Helsinki-Stockholm ferries. It is very small, but well furnished, and I will sleep on the bottom bunk. I have a shower that is so small I did not recognise what it was at first.

My promised wifi doesn’t work so I will go outside to find someone to ask, and meet a man going from room to room checking for guests. A cable has been cut somewhere nearby and the hotel’s wifi and computer systems have all gone down. He will be surprised to see me because I am not on his hand-written list.

My lunch was bread and cheese. In the evening I will walk 200 metres to McDonalds for my first burger of the year. I will discover that in Denmark the potatoes are not in the shape of french fries but are small waffles.

I will get back to the hotel just before it starts pouring with rain again and have as series of phone calls with Irma and Naa. Irma has computer problems. Finally I will have a shower, using some of my recently acquired household supplies. Just before I go to bed I will check the wifi and it will be working.