Thursday, April 24

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On a 621 bus, Odense, 16:20


I woke up several times in the night and did not get back to sleep easily. When I finally woke up I felt as though I had managed to get a hangover without the use of alcohol. This seemed to me to be entirely the wrong way round.

I went up to the breakfast room on the seventh floor and had a buffet breakfast. There was a lot of pate in the shop yesterday, and a lot of pate on the breakfast table. Apparently Danes like pate.

I asked at the front desk about which bus I should take to get to the academy, which passed ten minutes without getting me any bus numbers. I walked round to the bus station (which is next to the railway station) and asked there. The best advice I got was to take a taxi, so I walked to the taxi rank and got in one.

At 9:30 I was introducing myself to Erik’s group and I explained what we were going to do over the next two days. We are going to make an interactive story as a webapp, using a jQueryMobile template I had prepared earlier. They seemed enthusiastic and so they split into groups and off we went.

We stopped for lunch at 11:45 and I had a pile of Danish-style sandwiches, some of which included a lot of pate. After that we carried on until it was time for the students to go and do something else.

Getting a bus back to the centre proved very simple indeed since all the buses that pass the Academy go to the centre. I don’t know if they all take the same route, but the one I am on has been passing through small streets for twenty minutes and has just now pulled out onto a main road. I can see some houses which I imagine, on very slender evidence, to be typically Danish-looking. We will get to the bus station in another ten minutes or so.

I will do some writing until Erik comes to collect me at 18:30 to take me for a meal and discuss our plans for future cooperation. We will go to a bistro styled restaurant called Kok & Vin, where we will have a delicious steak.