Monday, April 28

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Garden, 17:10


Naa went to school late this morning, and I got up later than I have been. I left home in time to get a bus about 8:20, and then did catching up work until I met an MA student at 11:00 to discuss his thesis. Over a lengthy meeting we honed his idea into sets of possible research tasks, ordered them, and then worked out how the analysis might be done. He left at lunchtime with a lot more than he had arrived with.

Before the meeting I had phoned Diacor to ask for an appointment to deal with two issues: my recent outbursts of frustration and my still damaged right knee. I made an appointment for tomorrow morning.

Lunch was sausage soup and boiled potatoes. The afternoon was taken up with a team meeting that was wonderfully concise, followed by a first reading of a student thesis that seemed much better than I had expected.

I left for home at 16:00 and was home at almost exactly the same time as Naa. The weather has been hot all day, and now I am out in the garden looking at Sunshine taking up most of the path in its determined effort to relax outdoors. In a few minutes it will wander off into the bushes and disappear.

At 18:00 Irma will go to meet the priest who officiated at Auo’s funeral for a long discussion, while Naa and I will wait for the cat to come home. I will pass the time by doing ironing, and the cat will finally arrive home after Irma is home and just before Naa goes to bed.

I will have a shower and fall asleep with wet hair, within seconds of closing my eyes.