Saturday, May 24

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Kaisaniemi Park, 15:00


Irma gave Naa and I a lift to the metro before going shopping and we got the metro to Kaisaniemi where we walked to the World Village Festival. I want to watch the music and Naa is determined to eat as much as possible.

We get there just after the Hip Hop All-Stars have begun. The sun is blazing hot. I opt to watch them while Naa decides to wander around looking for something to eat. Stepa and Are have come and gone and now I am watching Solon and Kosola, who are very good. Son Sina Sabotage will appear, and finally Paleface.

Naa will have wandered back by then with some free Alpro Almond drink which we will gulp down in the heat, and then immediately agree is disgusting. We will wander off in search of food. Naa will have chicken satay, spring rolls, and an Indian dessert. I will have ginger beer.

When we get home it will still be almost thirty degrees and Irma and I wil sit in the garden.