Thursday, May 29

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Itäväylä, 15:30


Today is Ascension Day, and therefore a public holiday, which meant that all three of us got up very late to discover that the weather had not improved. It was cold and foggy, the ground was soaking wet, and it had obviously been drizzling heavily since dawn.

After breakfast Irma went out for a walk with Tarku. When she returned I asked whether this was the kind of public holiday where the shops all shut and Irma said that the shops were all fed up with shutting for one-day holidays and so most of them would be open.

Now we are on our way to Prisma to buy some odds and ends, including a ribbon or two for the printer. The weather is not improving.

The refurbishing of Prisma continues, which will mean that finding anything will involve wandering helplessly round the store. It seems that the best strategy is to remember where something used to be kept and then look somewhere entirely different.

The rain will continue all day and the cat will wander grumpily in and out. I will find myself thinking about Auo a lot. Only the continuing lure of Criminal Minds will persuade me not to go to bed at 21:00.