Saturday, May 31

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Paasitorni, Hakaniemi, 10:30


This morning is the end of the school year and we all had a difficult struggle: feeling genuinely happy for Naa, while feeling immensely sad that Auo was not going to graduate from her primary school.

Irma drove past Koulosaari school on the way to Hakaniemi where Naa’s celebrations will be held. It was impossible not to feel an overwhelming sense of loss and we were all very quiet for the whole journey.

Now we are in a hall in Hakaniemi where various groups of schoolchildren are performing various things: dance, songs and speaking. Everyone in Naa’s class will receive a crown of flowers to symbolise the end of lukio. Next year she will sit the exams that will finish her schooling and she will receive her hat. Most schools do both simultaneously but Steiner schools add an extra year onto the end.

Afterwards we will go to Hakaniemi market to buy some food until it suddenly starts pouring with rain. By the time we are back at home the sky will be blue. Irma will take Naa to an afternoon party for Sofia’s graduation (she is an old friend from Pikkuhuopalahti) and I will beat the carpets. Naa will go from the party to see Sampo and he will drive her home about 22:00.

Irma and I will go to Prisma, eat pizza, watch television and then try to sleep. I will have a very restless night in which I keep dreaming about taking Auo to London again at the end of summer.