Friday, June 6

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Helsinki University, 16:20


I have spent the day writing emails, answering emails, and try to arrange meetings. An hour ago I collected Alain Ambrosi from his rented apartment in Kallio and we got the tram to Unioninkatu. Since I last saw him he has commandeered an old phone and is now able to send and receive communications.

Now we are in Auditorium 1 of the university building and Alain is onstage wtrying to get his laptop connected to the system. Nathalie has just arrived and I am offering to signpost the building if someone can find me some sellotape. They can and I do.

There will be two keynote speeched: Alain’s on the history of the commons, and another on the Bio-Commons. Afterwards some people will go to eat in a Thai restaurant before getting a ferry to the island where the unconference will be held; others will go to a Chinese restaurant before going to explore Helsinki and find their lodgings; and I will go home.

Irma has been suffering increasing depression and sadness and our evening at home will not be one of our happiest. Naa will be staying with Sampo, and we will watch television while failing to find any kind of meeting of minds.

Vulcans we are not.