Monday, June 9

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Arabianranta, 14:45


I got up at 8:02 this morning, and Irma got up at almost the same time. We met half asleep for the first time in a week.

I was at Soc & Kom just before 9:00 for our debriefing session for Omtänk. There was near unanimity on everything we discussed. We agreed that it worked, that it could be made to work better next year, and that we did want to hold it again. We agreed that we will hold it again in Helsinki, and that it will be extended by one day, and held from May 5 to May 7.

I got back to Arcada at about 11:45, answered some mail, and went downstairs with Tommy for lunch. I discovered an interesting fact. If somebody removes the nozzle from the end of a bottle of Worcester Sauce and replaces the cap, the next person to use it will easily cover their mashed potato with about half a litre of Worcester Sauce. I discovered another interesting fact shortly afterwards. Half a litre of Worcester Sauce on your mashed potato is not bad at all.

At 13:00 I met Riitta to discuss a possible joint presentation on media training and wellness for the seminar Mats is organising in October. She suggested that we should go and sit on the beach and so we did. I was left wondering why I don’t hold all my meetings here. We ran through a series of possible approaches and decided on one that made sense for both of us. Now we are alking back to Arcada and I am struck by how the fact there is a patch of quiet about 200 metres from Arcada.

When I get back I will write up some notes, and answer an email from Lasse, who wants to talk more about the e-learning course. He will suggest we talk about it on the cruise tomorrow that concludes Arcada Day. I will suspect that this means we are going to do all our planning and development at sea, and wonder where the next meeting will take place.

I will leave for home at 16:00.