Friday, June 13

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Tirmo, 19:05


This morning I woke up at 7:30 with a chart in my mind. I reached over for the iPad and sketched it into Penultimate. It had two axes: knowledge and tools and the four quadrants were labelled conformity, engineering, pure research, and applied research. When I looked at it, it made an interesting sense. I had no memory of any dream surrounding it, just that I woke up rapidly thinking that I must jot this down.

I was at work at 9:00 and was more or less the only one there. When I went for a coffee and discovered that there was cake, I also found a number of other people. Many of them will be working next week. I will be too, in a way. There are a few things I still need to do in ARBs and ASTA, but I can do all of them from Sundö. I can also conduct any meetings that I need to have over Skype.

I sent my new contact at, my “dedicated Training Solutions Advisor” in fact, an email asking for a proforma invoice, and then I made some summer backups.

At 12:30 Nobunye from WITS came in and I did the printing and scanning I had promised to do for her. Then I tidied my desk and packed everything I needed for writing in Sundö. Or at least I hope I did.

At 15:00 I noticed that the rain had completely stopped and I left for home, and for Sundö.

Now Irma, Naa, Sunshine and I are at the ferry. We arrived just in time but the summer Friday rush had started and so we were the first car not to fit on the ferry. We will wait fifteen minutes and by the time the ferry returns there will be another queue too long to fit.

Three weeks of rain and sun has given the bamboo all it needs and we will arrive at the house to see one metre tall bamboo. I will start pulling it up while Irma does things indoors. By supper time two thirds of the bamboo will have gone, the beds will be made, the car will be loaded for tomorrow’s market, and the cat will be back after two hours wandering through the knee-high grass.