Thursday, June 26

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Sundö, 12:00


I got Naa up at 8:30 and we both ate breakfast while Irma slept. Naa went to pick potatoes while I went to write.

All morning Mikale and Svante were working behind me. Now Irma is out and we are watching them deliver the new toilet acroos the fields to the place they have been digging out behind the sauna house. I will finish painting it tomorrow.

Naa will go to the big house for her 11 o’clock break for the first time this summer, and I will carry on writing.

In the late afternoon we will go to Benita’s to rearrange the market hut for Saturday, and to get some water. This will involve opening a box full of numbered poles and working with Magnus, Eva, Nina, and Mikael to turn them into a frame for a marquee. Fune will be had by all.

In the evening we will have new potatoes with a delicious sauce that Irma concocted from vegetables and herbs from the farm. Last night we went to bed at about 3:00. Tonight we will be fast asleep just before 22:00.