Friday, June 27

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Sundö, 9:30


I got up an hour ago to wake Naa and find that she had woken herself. We had breakfast and crept out into something that resembled summer. The sky was blue with little fluffy clouds© and the air felt warm. Sheep in two different fileds were communicating with each other in monotone baaaas.

I have read my mail, answered what needed to be answered, and read the chapters I intend revising this morning. Everywhere is suddenly silent and I step out of the sauna house. The sheep and lambs are now sitting down, breakfast over, watching me as I approach. None of them can be bothered to move.

When I go back to write I will hear another gang of sheep banging on the side of the suana house as they eat the grass at the dies and back. Mikale moved the fence when he and Svante moved the toilet yesterday and I have sheep half a metre away from me as I write. I like it.