Sunday, June 29

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Horbergsgården, 14:15


This morning I woke at 10:00, went outside, and realised that it was pouring with rain, and that it had obviously been pouring with rain for most of the night. Rain continued to fall through breakfast and into the afternoon. We decided to go to see the small art exhibition at the museum, as an alternative to sitting looking at each other all day.

Eva Kyrklund was there, in her role of museum keeper, and so we talked with her for thirty minutes while looking at the art. Terttu’s paintings look as good as they ever will, in this context. The wooden walls of the old house show them off perfectly. In the other room Nina has her photographs. I have been looking at them for ten minutes trying to work out how much post-production work they contain, and I am still not sure. I cannot decide between none, in which case I am very curious how they were taken, or lots, in which case I am very curious about the extent that Photoshop was involved.

I will ask her when I next see her at the market.

We will drive home using as long and circuitous route as is possible in Pellinki, and when we get home the rain will be falling even harder. An increasing amount of the garden will be turning to swamp in front of our eyes. This will at least serve to prove that the Foreca weather app that Irma uses is more accurate than the official Finnish Meteorological app that Naa and I both use. Irma’s says it is raining very hard and ours says it is raining slightly, if at all. One look out of the window and there will be a clear winner.

I will delete mine from the phone and iPad and replace it with Foreca Weather instead.

Irma will decide to leave for Helsinki tonight instead of tomorrow, and we will wave goodbye to her at 17:50 as she races through the rain towards the car.

It will finally stop raining at 19:30, just before Naa steels herself to wash her hair in the sauna house.