Tuesday, July 1

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Tirmo, 11:40


Naa is working today so we got up at 8:30. I stepped outside to see the promised sun and dry. Sunshine was so happy to see reasonable weather that it shot out as soon as it could and ran across the garden into some bushes.

I went back in for breakfast and while I was eating my Fruit & Fibre the sky darkened. By the time I came out again the sky was a uniform dark grey. Naa went to work and I started filling buckets. Sunshine stayed hidden.

I wrote in the morning, and then decided to go to Tirmo to get rid of a bag of rubbish before flies arrive, and fill a canister with water before we get thirsty. Now, tasks done, I am waiting for the ferry to arrive. The sky is looking impressively threatening.

In the afternoon I will have a body and hair wash in the sauna and then refill the buckets. This will mean carefully skirting the new swampland just as I start to feel rain on my newly washed head. I will sit down to read back through what I wrote this morning just as torrential rain starts. Within seconds Sunshine will be on the porch of the sauna house miawing to be let back into the house. Irritatingly the rain will be even harder on the return run, from the house to the sauna.

I will read and write for another hour or two before Naa and I settle down to eat mini pizzas, which will turn out to be surprisingly nice.

At 19:30 Irma will arrive from Helsinki with bags of groceries, and we will settle down for a long evening of chatter which will end when I fall asleep on my bed and then have to wake up to get into it.