Friday, March 16

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Sörnäinen, 7:45

An early morning with a jolly Auo and a shivering me. Yesterday I agreed to abandon my winter jacket because Spring is here. This morning I am shivering in a cold, damp, windy morning. I am waiting for the Metro when I realise that everyone else is wearing winter coats and gloves.

When I get to Arcada I will leap into action fixing some of the php on this site, based on something I woke up in the night thinking. I will find that the man in my dream was right, and in forty five minutes I will get the diary working again.

Then I will spend a long morning trying to get the Snowcastle Valley project into the kind of shape where I can actually demonstrate it.

In the afternoon we will celebrate Henrik Wolff’s sixtieth birthday with a surprise lecture, the unveiling of a portrait, and sandwiches.