Thursday, July 3

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Sundö, 15:30


Naa and I got up at 8:30 and Irma slept on. I found Mikael and talked to him about the new toilet. I found a possible design flaw yesterday and I wanted his opinion. He thought that I had found a design flaw and gave me a piece of wood to fix it.

I wrote until 10:30 and then painted the second coat of white on the toilet. When I finished Irma was lying down having a nap. Since my head was full of paint fumes, and the sun was out, I decided to take a selection of photographs of Sundö.

Now I am standing by the jetty for the first time in a week or so. There is a strange eight-wheeled vehicle there which I have not seen before. I cannot make up my mind whether it is amphibious or not. It looks as though it ought to be. The front tells my that it has been manufactured by Crayford, which tells me very little.

I walk to the ferry taking photos, and then get on it since it is about to leave. I buy an ice cream at Tirmo: a sour Jattis which is nowhere near as good as the Hot & Sour Iso Pengviini that Auo and I used to get last summer, and which are now mysteriously unavailable. I meet Ville and Margit walking off the ferry to go to Tirmobaari as I walk back on.

I will find Naa in the sauna house reading and writing and I will join her while Irma continues to nap.

After a dinner of Viking’s gavadlax and new potatoes, with a sauce made from onions and herbs from the farm, we will walk down to the sea again and find Mikael fixing a boat. He will spend fifteen minutes showing us the Crayford and talking about it. Sadly it is filled with old gasoline /decades old gasoline) and will not start – otherwise we would be riding around the farm on it.

I will finish my day painting the final red bits on the toilet, and adding the black for the toilet seat. Tomorrow I will paint the porch floor black and declare it open.