Tuesday, July 8

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Tirmo Ferry, 19:45


This has been a very hot day. Naa and I got up at 8:30, had breakfast and set off to pick vegetables and write respectively. Irma got up sometime after 11:00, just after Naa had gone to Camilla’s to join the gang for the morning break.

We did a load of washing, which involved me fetching a load of water from the well, and then Irma painted a chair purple. I set the step in front of the new toilet and painted the top black. This involved digging up an enormous stone which was in the ground where I wanted to put the tree stump. I set that into the ground too.

Irma and I went to Benita’s to get 40 litres of drinking water from the tap, and stopped for a beer while we were there. We also went to Erika’s shop and Anne-Maj’s nursery.

Irma has started cooking and I have gone briefly to the shop at Tirmo. I am on the ferry back when I notice a jeep-like thing with a Volksawagen badge. I call Jutta to ask what it is and she doesn’t know. There are only two cars on the ferry so I ask the man in the jeep what it is. He tells me that it is a VW Military. Only 1000 were made for civilians, and 30,00 for the German, Belgian and Australian militaries. His is an ex-military model from 1980. It is four wheel drive, and the transmission was later grabbed for use in the Audi Quattro.

Now I know.

When I get back we will eat pasta, sit outside and go to bed early.