Monday, July 14

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Tirmo, 12:40


The cat didn’t wake me in the night this time, it simply prevented me going to sleep. It lay on top of me, made loud noises by my head, walked up and down my bed, ran around dragging the carpets, and tried to get out by throwing itself at the door. I eventually got up and fed it, and it grudging kept quiet for long enough for me to disappear into slumber.

Again I was up later than I intended. Whether it had thundered or not it had obviously rained a lot. It was wise to bring as much hay in yesterday as we could.

I wrote for most of the morning, and then I did the washing up, which wasn’t much since I have been eating at Camilla’s most of the time.

Now I am Tirmo throwing a bag of rubbish away before it starts to smell. The day is very overcast and I am looking at the bus stop for the bus to Borgå. There are various packets and cans lying around from the weekend’s music festival. As I walk back to wait for the ferry I realise that if I came back with a bin bag I could probably earn 10€ in thirty minutes by picking up the empty cans and bottles and returning them.

I will decide that I would rather continue writing.

In the afternoon I will do just this, pausing to wash my hair. At 17:30 I will have 6 mini-pizzas from the last visit of Jääteloauto, the successor to Kotijäätelo; and at 20:30 Irma and Naa will arrive back from Helsinki.

Sunshine will appear from under a building to greet them.