Monday, July 28

YEAR:  2014 | Tags:  | | |

Garden, Sundö, 16:00


The sun was blazing hot and Irma left for Helsinki at 14:00. She had some work to do there although, before she left, she told me that she was really leaving to give me space to write. I said she didn’t have to: I was very happy having her here. She left anyway.

Now I have begun writing. I have been organising and rearranging and I have stepped outside for a moment to catch my breath. I notice the dish-washing house, looking bright in the blazing sun.

I will spend the rest of the afternoon and all evening working on my thesis, adding bits that seem to need adding and moving things that seem to be in the wrong place. I will cook the salmon and potatoes in the fridge, using Irma’s suggestion of pouring cream over them and putting them in the oven. They will taste delicious.

Sunshine will arrive home about 21:00, I will chat with Irma, and then I will go to sleep.

It will feel odd trying to fall asleep on my own in the new arrangement. I will wish Irma hadn’t left.