Saturday, August 2

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Behind Terttu's house, 20:45


This morning was our final market of the summer. There was not as big a crowd as last Saturday, but the sun was hot and it was pleasant. At the end Irma cleared the hut, and we filled the car with the bags and cases, to store for the winter. It was sad: I could do with another month of summer, and the thought of an approaching autumn does not fill me with joy.

In the afternoon we did another load of washing, and I sat on several chairs without breaking any of them.

Now we are at Vägen Hem, a play about Pellinge and Tove Janssen, written and directed by Kim Gustafsson, and performed by a group of local people. The audience are sitting in the old boat house, with the actors in the doorway and outside on the grounds. Now at the end, Tove Jannson is being rowed away to sea.

I would be lying if I claimed to have understood all of the dialogue but it was not plot-heavy but impressionistic, and the staging was beautiful. If I wanted to be pretentious I might called it site-specific theatre, because Kim had really designed it to fit exactly this space, and to use all the opportunities the space provided.

The play made no direct mention of Moomins, but it took place as part of the Tove 100 celebrations, making one hundred years since she was born.

Mika, Camilla, Barnhard, Gitta and Ann-Sofie are with us, and when we get back to Sundö we will join them for a cognac and a discussion.