Wednesday, July 6

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Puotila beach, 14:00


Irma had a meeting in the morning and I had an appointment with Annika. Irma talked about a forthcoming seminar, and I talked about the kind of summer we had had. We met at Itis, when I was on my way home and Irma (slightly ahead of me) was in Lidl buying cheese.

Now Irma wants some space to do some work things, and I am walking by the sea. I have just been to the Meridian cafe to buy a Coke Zero, because the sun is scorching and I am thirsty. Irma has phoned to ask if I can come back and help get the lawnmower to a repair shop. I can, and I am on my way. I am looking at the sea hay and the trees, where Auo and I used to walk.

We will get the mower to a repair shop and then go to Prisma to get some ink for the printer, some oil for the car, and a possible fridge for the kitchen. The choice will confuse us and we will opt to get ice-creams instead.

We will spend the afternoon in the garden, where the sun is hotter than ever, and the trees need to be relieved of some of their branches, and the weeds between the cracks in the paving all need to be sent to the woods.

At 17:30 Irma will decide that she is not hungry and Naa and I will cycle to Itis to find somewhere to eat. We will opt for McDonalds, even though we set out intending to go to Subway.

Sunshine will spend the whole day out, and not come back until we are almost convinced that it has been kidnapped. After that we will go to bed early, because Irma starts work tomorrow.