Thursday, July 7

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Garden, Helsinki, 13:00


This morning Irma left the house at 8:00 and I got up to do some writing. I had been reading in the garden yesterday and the day before, and I had a clear idea about what parts of the thesis needed reinstating and what parts needed expanding. I set to work. This will probably take me about three days, and then I should have a compete text that I can believe in.

Naa got up about 10:30 and had breakfast. At 12:10 she left for Kamppi, and all morning the cat walked in and out, checking to see who was here and what they were prepared to do about supplying it with food.

Now I am sitting in the garden reading extracts from two books again. I want to make sure that the conclusions is actually conclusive in the next draft. The same bees I watched yesterday are still at work in the same flowers. There seem to be four of them and, after twenty minutes of alternating between reading and watching, I still cannot work out the rationale behind their movements.

In thirty minutes I will have a shower and clean the walls of the shower room from top to bottom, because when I tried to clean the part that looked dirty yesterday, the part next to it began to look dirty in comparison to the newly cleaned bit. There is only one solution: total wall cleaning!

This will be my physical activity for the day, and it will end up taking me about two and a half hours, because I will decide to move everything out and then back again.

Irma will come back from working, sad and upset about Auo not being here, and I will understand because I have been feeling the same. It is the change from summer to autumn that brings it up to the surface again. Irma will sit and read the news while I go for a walk. When I get back Naa will be home from Kamppi and we will all move carpets around. We brought an overlarge carpet back from Sundö and, to our delight, it will fit perfectly in the living room here. The room will look a completely different shape.

There will be a loud and sudden thunderstorm in the middle of the evening, and by the time we go to bed the cat will not have arrived home. We will both get up at various points during the night to see if it outside, but we will find no cat.