Monday, July 18

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Sörnäinen, 8:30


Today was the first day of work for everyone. Naa and I left just after 8:00 and caught a bus – the 841 – that neither of us knew anything about. I guess the timetables have changed more than usual.

It was pouring with rain, and I took an umbrella. It was very windy so the umbrella blew inside out. I suspect autumn is arriving. Now I am waiting for the tram in the rain with a broken umbrella.

When I get to Arcada the rooms will be in the middle of being rebuilt and so I will camp in the online media studio where the heat will be something like the surface temperature on Venus. All the computers are on and they have to remain on all week in order to get their updates.

Fortunately I will have a meeting with Eija, followed by a meeting with Andy, Andrej and Jutta in Oasis that will take all morning.

We will have lunch at Chona Flavour, joined by Maria, and then spend most of the afternoon in a team meeting. I will fonish the day packing my belongings into boxes so they can be moved ten metres when the room is ready on Thursday.

The day will conclude with a walk through torrential rain to a Pixelache board meeting, which will be filled with surprising announcements of long term import.