Tuesday, July 19

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Outside Arcada, 11:50


Naa and I left at 7:55 and got the 451 again, which turns out to come from Söderkulla, which presumably is somewhere in Sippo. The weather was wet but not too wet.

I spent all morning locked in 309, away from the redecorating. I wrote at a furious pace, having worked out during a mostly sleepless night what I needed to write. Now it is nearly midday and I have stepped outside the building for a moment of fresh air, before going to eat lunch. The sky is reasonably clear.

I will have vegetarian chilli with boiled potatoes, which is one of the dishes the restaurant does well. With added Tabasco it will be a winner. I will be joined by Nicke and Rasmus for lunchtime technical talk.

As we sit the sky will change colour within a few minutes, and torrential rain will fall for an hour or so.

I will write until about 21:00, by which time I will have the new version, complete with an exciting ending, completely completed. I will port it to Word from Scrivener, and leave the building.

Just as I arrive home another bout of torrential rain will begin. In a few minutes it will turn into a thunderstorm.