Wednesday, July 20

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Home, 21:15


Naa has a late start today so I left on my own at what has become my normal time, to begin the day with a meeting. David, Nathalie, Johan and I stood in A303 taking in the airless heat and trying to agree what to do about it. David was keen on a solution that involved very little money. I was keen on a solution that involved a lot of cool oxygen. We eventually agreed on some opening moves which should alleviate the problem without actually getting rid of it.

After that I sat in A309 and wrote again, and this time Tommy and Nathalie joined me.

I had a long lunch with Magnus, which was interesting, entertaining and informative. WE may sometimes fight each other for resources but, stuck in a corner together, we keep ourselves entertained.

In the afternoon Johan suddenly announced that our new room was rready, so Nathalie, Tomy and I raced in to claim our spaces. The new room is a big improvment and, despite housing more people, I have more room and more privacy.

At various point during this Irma phoned me about our mysterious thief. Over the last year or longer odd things have disappeared from the garden: a rake, a statue of the Buddha, a glass ball, a cable. Last night, when the car was left unlocked for once, someone opened the driver’s door and took a bottle of spring water and the car documentation. The three of us spent the evening trying to work up a profile of the unsub, which is what watching Criminal Minds will do to you.

Just before bedtime there was another burst of torrential rain. Naa pointed out that there was a very bright rainbow and I am now in the porch photographing it. It is, indeed, very bright; and if I wanted to get drenched I would walk doen to Itäväylä to get a photograph of the whole thing.

I have just had a shower and am now dry. I do not want to get drenched.