Friday, August 22

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Tirmo, 18:52


Having left Naa on the metro at Sörnäainen I got the tram to Arcada and carried on writing revisions into my thesis. This morning I adopted a different approach. I searched for every occurence of the words “is” and “be” and (if they were not inside quotations) rewrote the sentences. There were not that many of them but some of the sentences needed a lot of tho0ught befotre I could rewrite them.

At 12:00 I walked to Suvilahti to meet Nathalie. We went to Moko for lunch, and I explained about my plans for the BagTree project, and she talked about her plans for next year. I said that I would try to introduce her to Timo Cantell if she wished.

I left work in time to go to Stockmann to get some Nomination pieces for Irma’s bracelet as part of next weekend’s birthday gift. At 16:30 Naa and I both arrived home within five minutes of each other, and shortly afterwards we left for Pellinki.

Now we are at Tirmo in the Friday queue. We just missed one ferry and so we were first onto this one. In a minute Irma will race off, leaving other cars about 50 metres behind us. We will have turned into the road to our cottage before the other cars have even got off the ferry.

It will be ver cold and windy, but that won’t stop us feeling good about being here. We will be relaxed within ten minutes, and settled in doing the things that need to be done within fifteen.