Sunday, August 24

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Sundö, 12:30


Last night Mika and Camilla went to help at a talkoot at Marina’s and they asked Naa to take charge of the chickens. She found one of the hens that flies out and wanders the farm, managed to corner it, and then picked it up and carried it to the hen-house. I was with her, but without my phone, so we had no record of this.

This morning she tried to repeat the exercise, while I had my phone in my hand. However, although the hen obligingly wandered into our garden she didn’t manage to get hold of it because it ipted to fly back on its won. We then went to grab another one, but this one turned out to be the aggressive on. Naa got it cornered and went towards it and it turned round and ran straight at her. I almost got a photo of her running away, being chased by an angry chicken. I got this one instead, by crouching down when it was about half a metre away.

At 14:00 we will go to Gita’s birthday coffee and I will see her house for the first time. It is amazing since it contains a whole family history going back almost two hundred years. Afterwards, on our way home, we will drive Johan to Porvoo where he will eat, meet a friend and get driven to college in Ekenäs.

At home both Irma and I will be suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of missing Auo. I will stand in her room and the way we used to say goodnight every night will come flooding back over me and I will realise that I am looking at her bed with tears rolling down my cheeks. There will be no logic to this and no self-delusion. I won’t imagine that she is still alive. I will just want her back here with us.

Very, very much.