Thursday, August 28

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Arabia, 9:35


Naa started even later this morning so we both stayed in bed while Irma had breakfast. For the second day running, Sunshine had not come home from its early morning outing when we left, so we put a bowl of food out for it.

When we got the bus I noticed Naa’s bus card flash orange, and so we stopped at the R-Kioski at Itäkeskus where I paid her fares up to Xmas.

Now I am waiting to get off the number 8 tram, having worked out a schedule for the day. I will spend the morning trying to gather the information that I need to finalise my arbetstidsplan, and almost succeed. Then I will add course codes to all the lessons I have scheduled for the year in ARBs. This should be an automatic process but this year it wasn’t. While doing all of this I will write various mails and have various impromptu meetings.

I will notice that my Dropbox quota has been increased overnight from 100gB to 1TB. There is a price war on, now that Google and Microsoft have entered the cloud storage field. My hope is that Dropbox is not wiped out or taken over, because it just works.