Tuesday, September 2

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A306, 11:20


Today Naa’s school started at 8:30 and so we got up and left thirty minutes earlier than usual. The bus we caught was standing room only. Naa talked about her journalism workshop last night, and was very happy she had gone. A number of ex-students had spoken and Naa was energised by the fact that they had got work at YLE, and got into university on the strength of their work there. She is determined to make this work for her.

At work I immediately logged into Lynda.com to discover that resetting the password had done nothing to change the situation. I spent forty minutes going through the processes step-by-step. I did everything I could think of from deleting the cach, the cookies and the history to no avail. I got into my old account and then changed the email address so that the two accounts had nothing in common. This had no effect. I closed Chrome and opened Firefox (which had never seen Lynda before) and got the same result. I documented what I had done in a series of numbered points and mailed Amin.

I spent the morning skyping with Jutta and setting up Mobile Apps for this afternoon. Now, having wandered up and down our new spaceship-like staff room, I am photographing Hulk Hogan, who stands on the divider between Jutta and me looking out over the room.

In the afternoon the first Mobile Apps session will move forward at a frightening pace. We will have completed almost everything I had planned for the first week by the end of the afternoon. Everyone will be on top of it, understanding what we are doing and why.

In the evening I will get a mail from Lynda.com to say that they have identified and fixed my login problem, and I will try logging in on my iPad. It will work, and so I will go in and make some groups to test the system. I will log out and back in again, and it will still work. I will send a happy mail to the tech support and switch to the iPad app.

The Lynda.com iPad app is very good indeed, and I will make a playlist of courses and videos for Mobile Apps. Naa and Irma will do some gardening while I clean inside, and then Naa and I will have some Gambian fried rice for iltapala, before everyone goes to bed early.