Thursday, September 4

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Vartiokyläntie, 19:10


This morning, after saying goodbye to Naa, I got to Arcada and began proof-reading my thesis for the final time. After a couple of hours Jutta arrived and we had a meeting, or a set of meetings: with each other, with Nathalie, with Andrej, and with Andy by Skype. We explored Lynda, and discussed my aerbetstidsplan and the funding situation.

At 13:15 I began a long afternoon session with the Mobile Apps group in which we took everything we had learned this week and made an instant mobile explore-the-castle game.

At 17:00 I left them to have a Nobanet W7 Skype meeting with Erik, Lasse amd Susanne. Matti was missing in action. WE did exactly what we had to do, which was work out enough that I can justify my seat at the table in Copenhagen next week, at the Steering Group meeting.

Now I am walking home, having switched off a James Taylor compilation (that appears to be in chronological order) when he entered his little known disco period where, yes indeedy, he sings in unnecessary falsetto, BeeGees style. I am looking at one of the trees at the end of our road in its full end-of-summer glory.

I will fix a hook to the new fence and talk to Naa, who is staying the night at Kamppi, for a long time on the phone. Irma and I will sit up talking. I will show her the diagrams from my thesis that Stefan wants me to redesign and she will make some good and interesting suggestions.

I will go to bed happier than any time this week.